Archive Retrieval Facility

A cost-effective, browser-based solution to address terminated policies during legacy conversions.

Client Challenges Today

When converting legacy systems, insurers must decide how to manage a significant number of terminated policies: closed blocks, acquired blocks, and ancient policies. Although accessing these policies post-conversion may be unlikely, insurers must evaluate the time and cost to convert them against the need for access.

How We Help

Capgemini’s innovative and highly cost-effective solution helps insurers manage terminated policies during system conversions. Our Archive Retrieval Facility is a proven solution that allows insurers to archive and retrieve terminated policies through a browser-based application. Business users can view terminated policy data and transaction data in formats familiar to them for ease of use and inquiry.

Why Capgemini?

Our Archive Retrieval Facility:

  • Provides a platform to view terminated policy data without going back to the legacy system
  • Removes wasted cost, time, and effort to set up old products and convert non-essential terminated policies
  • Eliminates the need to maintain legacy systems just to gain access to terminated policies

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