Advanced planning and scheduling

Return on your investment within one year

Capgemini’s APS solutions provide optimal solutions for your planning challenges, by offering real time decision support and automated optimized planning.

  • Value scan: identify areas where better decision making can lead to improved performance
  • Workforce planning and optimization: meet your resourcing challenges, leading to increased operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Logistics planning and optimization: take control of your transport fleet and align transport with production and customers across the supply chain
  • Production planning and optimization: address purchasing, allocation and utilization of your production resources

Typically, these APS solutions can be deployed uniquely or in combination to deliver:

  • 10-35% increase in productivity
  • 10-45% increase in utilization of scarce resources
  • 3-11% increase in service delivery
  • 10-35% in cost reductions

Striking the delicate balance

On all APS solutions, we adopt our Value-Driven Planning™ approach, which helps you start your transformation where it most matters.

Our experts start by identifying improvement areas, (re-)designing business and planning processes. We then design and implement smart decision support tools in combination with proven techniques for achieving continuous improvement.


Ron Tolido

Executive Vice President, Global CTO – Insights & Data. Certified Master Architect....