Advanced Mobility Services for Banking

Enhance customer centricity and drive business growth with advanced mobile capabilities

Embracing Mobility for Competitive Advantage

The right mobile strategy can enable banks to use mobility as a multi-faceted tool for driving business growth and creating competitive advantage. While the increased convenience of advanced self-service mobile applications create customer loyalty, mobile solutions can lower the cost of customer acquisition, enhance brand visibility, reduce sales cycle time and increase employee productivity. However, banks face numerous challenges embracing mobility in a truly effective manner.

Holistic Mobile Strategy

Banks need to ensure that the mobile channel is fully integrated with all other channels as part of an overall strategy and provide the ability to support and integrate data flowing from and to mobile devices. Thus, next generation mobile banking demands a deeper integration aligned to business processes, workflows and supporting back-end systems.

Mobile Innovations

To truly differentiate their mobile banking offering, banks need innovative ideas to identify opportunities unique to mobile. Banks need to explore innovative and differentiating features targeting payments, sales and marketing areas such as making bank deposits off of mobile camera photos or supporting point-of-sale mobile payments leveraging built-in mobile device capabilities such as GPS, camera etc.

Mobile Technology Advancements

Banks have to constantly evaluate and choose from a plethora of technology and tool options to keep up with rising customer expectations, growing device types, fragmented operating systems and security requirements.

End-to-End Mobile Banking Services

Capgemini helps banks design, implement and maintain a mobile strategy with end-to-end mobile capabilities to enhance customer experience, identify new revenue streams, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Through Capgemini’s Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator we provide a comprehensive suite of services including mobile strategy, mobile architecture, mobile application development and testing, mobile management and channel integration. Capgemini can help you build banking applications covering two types of users:

Mobile customer – account servicing, investment portfolio management, transactions, customer service, mobile marketing, etc.

Mobile workforce – sales and marketing, collaboration and productivity applications, Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) support, etc.

Ready to use mobile banking solution frameworks

Our readymade solutions provide a strong foundation to jump start mobile initiatives and include:

  • An extensive Mobile banking framework with basic capabilities.
  • A mobile payments framework Easy pay, enabling customers to pay by scanning a bar code at point-of-sale devices.
  • Single customer view, providing a single view of all financial holdings and recommendations based on the risk profile.
  • Social banking demo providing a context-aware, real-time mobile services enabled e-Commerce platform.
  • Tablet-based Merchant on-boarding application for rapid merchant, store and terminal set-up.

Mobility Maturity Roadmap

Our mobile maturity roadmap helps banks identify four stages (Provide – Engage – Excite – Delight) where they are at today in their Mobile journey and what’s needed to reach full customer centricity.

The most basic level – provide – is being able to deliver mobile services that work in coordination with the other channels and are on par with the competition.

The highest level – delighting customers – requires using analytics to predict customer needs. Banks should proactively offer and develop services, based on those needs, along with empowering their staff to enhance the customer experience.

Managed Mobility Service

Managed Mobility Service providing a unique environment to develop, manage and test mobility application on various platforms leveraging a cost saving model for the customer and scalable deliveries.

Rapid Time to Market with our Banking Expertise and Mobile Excellence

Mobile lab environments, reusable frameworks and deep banking expertise enable projects to get jumpstarted in days instead of weeks with:

  • Mobile Centers of Excellence (CoE) fostering innovation while bringing best-in-class industrialization.
  • Mobile Testing Labs enabling concurrent, multi-device testing, reducing testing effort by up to 30 percent.
  • Rapid Design Visualization (RDV) for mobile user experience ( UX) prototyping and simulation reducing UX rework by up to 50 percent.
  • Mobile reference architectures and reusable mobile banking solution frameworks speeding development by up to 20 percent.
  • 20+ years of experience working on various banking systems and 1000+ projects delivered in banking space.

Industry Leading Alliances

Our expansive partner ecosystem complements Capgemini’s mobile expertise with niche capabilities to provide and-to-end solutions for our clients. Our partners include leading technology vendors like IBM, Kony, SAP, Sybase, Adobe, and more.

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