Smarter. More connected. More intelligent.

Become a smart, connected business with innovative Intel solutions.

The digital economy means new opportunities – and new challenges. Anywhere, anytime access. Always-on, omni-channel interactions. Digitized customer experiences. You’re either achieving competitive advantage – or losing your competitive footing.

That’s why you need the power of Capgemini and Intel. Our two companies have a long history of creating innovative solutions that empower market leaders in the digital era. As an Intel Technology Provider, Registered Partner and an Intel IoT Solution Alliance Affiliate Member, we collaborate with Intel on innovations that drive new capabilities, new business models – and new levels of success.

New innovations. New success.

Intelligent companies around the world rely on Capgemini and Intel innovations to deliver value today and adapt to new opportunities tomorrow:

  • A nuclear-plant operator is deploying intelligent asset monitoring to ensure worker safety.
  • An aerospace manufacturer is using predictive asset maintenance to optimize its milling-machine operations.
  • A top accounting firm ensured a smooth Microsoft Windows 10 migration to protect user experiences using Smart WorkSpace.
  • A French consumer-electronics retailer is transforming stores with an immersive kiosk experience.
  • Europe’s leading kitchen specialist is using cutting-edge camera technology to let customers create 3D, interactive representations for their kitchens.
  • A leading pan-Asian retailer selected our point-of-sale tool to launch its journey toward a consistent omni-channel experience.

Discover for yourself about how Capgemini and Intel solutions can help you achieve always-on, omni-channel interactions. Digitize your operations and your customer experiences. And realize new competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Our Solutions in Smart Services Retail and IoT, Smart Enterprise, and Smart Infrastructure

With Smart Services Retail we deliver the Smart Digital Store set of offerings, a future proof platform and a wide breadth of services, tools and accelerators to help retailers kick-start their store transformation journey, regardless of where they start.

Our Smart Services Internet of Things set of solutions and offerings use Capgemini’s open, scalable, secure, end-to-end XIoT platform to support new services and business models for utility, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics companies.

Smart Enterprise solutions feature Smart WorkSpace and related offerings to help create a digital-ready, connected workforce that boosts end-user productivity, improves business agility, and reduces overall IT costs.  Find out more about our Intel/Sogeti Alliance.

Our Smart Infrastructure Solutions help promote data center modernization. At Capgemini, our experts understand our client’s specific use cases and workloads so that we can design a cost optimized datacenter solution based on our key partner technologies – one that optimizes performance for each workload while at the same time minimizes total costs providing our clients the best return on their datacenter investments.

Our close partnership with Intel underlies a growing portfolio of groundbreaking Smart Retail solutions powered by Intel technology.

Check out our featured Smart Store Guide solution. Never again dread trips to the store, thinking you have to walk the entire store floor to complete your shopping list.





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