Beyond the Big Data Hype: Get Business Value for Your Organization

Big data solutions are evolving rapidly and coming into mainstream. Organizations already considering these may have a few questions before they take the leap:

  • What is the impact of these new technologies on my landscape?
  • Do I risk ending up with a “data black hole”, where using data is even more complex?
  • How do I guarantee more agility and satisfaction for my business users?
  • How do I guarantee that I will meet my SLAs, comply with production systems regulations, and fulfill security requirements?

To answer these questions, organizations need to use the right tools and techniques to manage their data ecosystem. These tools need to be supported by new approaches and governance processes to achieve true value from the data.

The Big Data Revolution is Here. Seize the Opportunity

Quick wins are what organizations need to get started with Big Data but how can you ensure you are heading in the right direction and making the right choices?

You can define the necessary actions for your first Big Data project using our Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator.  This framework is the first step to shaping your company to become insight-driven by guiding you through four steps:

  1. Identify the right business drivers and security and governance processes
  2. Get your analytics to the next level by integrating and mastering machine learning or scientific algorithms
  3. Know which data sets to use first, how to manage data and make it secure and governable
  4. Scale your Big Data Platform for the long run.

With the Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator, Capgemini and Cloudera help you address all dimensions of your big data strategy in order for you to meet your business goals with Big Data.

Optimize Your Data Architecture, Extend Your Analytical Reach

To become insight-driven, more efficient and more competitive, organizations need to evolve their analytical data management architectures to the next era.

With our Data Optimization solution, we assess your current analytical architecture before designing a roadmap and investment plan to optimize your landscape. Using Cloudera solutions, we complement your existing data warehouse architecture with Apache Hadoop capabilities. We offer multiple options for you to adapt to a hybrid architecture by offloading some of your data or workloads on Hadoop, and take advantage of the extended analytical capabilities of the platform.

To bring greater agility to your teams, we propose our Insights & Data NextGen Business Insights Service Center approach. We integrate your teams with Capgemini and Cloudera’s experts around a set of workstreams, tasks and projects to help you deliver on your big data strategy. This end-to-end framework provides you a ready pool of quality, skills and capacities and lets you focus on high-value processes.

Capgemini & Cloudera Seamlessly Integrated Capabilities

Our joint skill sets provides you with the best expertise that will deliver high quality big data projects. Together, we have already delivered successful projects to clients such as a global telecommunications providerglobal employment agency and a software infrastructure provider.

On top of tackling the 3 V’s (Volume, Variety, Velocity) of big data, we work with you to make sure you get the business Value you expect to achieve out of the technology, because Value is the “4th V” that really counts.

Through this partnership, your organization benefits from the worldwide capabilities of our team of 10,000 Insighsts & Data professionals our Rightshore® approach.