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The future of telco, powered by digital

Telco service providers need a digital transformation strategy for their evolving landscape

For decades, communications service providers (CSPs) have relied on their extensive and reliable infrastructure framework. This structure enabled at-scale deployment of a varied services network and provided a strong foundation for their business operations and software systems.

This has served CSPs exceptionally well in the past. But the modern landscape and its extraordinary rate of change has begun to raise signs of distress around this proven model. Combined with rising customer expectations and mounting competition, it is clear that more will change, and CSPs must take note and adapt accordingly.

Digital natives and non-traditional players have made inroads with long-term CSP customers by appealing to their need for immediacy, flexibility, and affordability. CSPs are struggling to keep pace, both in terms of creating a customer experience that delivers “anytime, anywhere, any device, any content” access, and in enabling the back-end integration of technology systems, processes, and data stores that improve operational efficiency and lower the cost to serve.

Our new report explores these issues. While each organization’s strategy will be unique, we review how some traditional CSPs have found new life by launching a digital brand to satisfy the needs of the modern customer and solve complex integration issues. We invite you to read our guide on how CSPs can flip the script, transform, and quickly meet the demands of the rapidly evolving communications landscape.

For your viewing, we have also prepared a webinar focused on how traditional CSPs can create and launch a digital brand to enable a more flexible and limitless standard of access, and improve operational performance and lower service costs.

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