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The automotive customer is changing. Are you delivering the right experience?

Engagement Blueprint provides the foundation to transform the buying process

The automotive industry was already wrestling with both disruption and transformation. Car ownership was changing as the younger generation seemed less interested in purchasing vehicles.

This new attitude follows on the significant impact car manufacturers are feeling from the CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) model as it drives a high rate of change in the business of personal transportation and mobility at large.

The old car-buying model is rapidly becoming obsolete and the pandemic is only accelerating the timeline on the online buying experience. OEMs need to create unified journeys for the customer that connect all aspects of buying and owning a car.

This unified journey is called an Engagement Blueprint. It connects departments and develops a common language, so everyone together provides the best customer and employee experiences.

The Engagement Blueprint includes:

  • Brand journey
  • Customer journey
  • Employee journey.

Disruption and transformation are coming at a pace the automotive industry has not recently seen and the relationship between manufacturers and dealers needs to change with it.

We recommend using our Engagement Blueprint to audit, assess, and adapt your customer and dealer channels to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the new environment. Now is the time to build, lead, and win customer’s loyalty.

Read Understanding the Engagement Blueprint to deliver the right experience.

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