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Modernize your property tax billing with an industry-leading Services as a Solution

Property-tax revenues are vital to municipalities, as they must effectively manage and protect their key revenue stream. Municipalities require a modern, industry-leading property-tax billing solution that they can trust to ensure consistent, reliable customer billing service.

Developed in partnership with the City of Kitchener, Capgemini delivers the municipal property-tax billing solution (MPTS) for municipalities across the country. The Services as a Solution product is scalable for any sized municipality, it lowers the upfront capital costs, and allows municipalities to customize the level of service they need to support their constituents – all with more manageable annual operating fees than other options.

With MPTS, municipalities can:

  • Manage residential, commercial, and industrial property taxes
  • Adjust the tax rate efficiently and easily
  • Expand to include gas, water, utilities, and rental appliances
  • Choose to host on-premises or on a private or public cloud
  • Integrate with any financial ERP system
  • Remove in-house costs and headaches of managing a billing system.

Built on an SAP technology backbone for reliability and longevity, MPTS allows a municipality to ensure its property tax system is secure and stable, while managing budgets responsibly. The on-demand capabilities mean any municipality can tap into the power and flexibility of MPTS.

MPTS is designed to provide a service level customized for your municipality, backed by proven best-in-class technology and long-term support. Trust your revenue stream to a solution that offers financial flexibility with the ability to build for the future.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Chouinard
Business Development Executive