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Master your smart-factory initiatives

The future of manufacturing is waiting for those who can scale their efforts

According to the Capgemini Research Institute’s Smart Factories @ Scale: Seizing the trillion-dollar prize through efficiency by design and closed-loop operations, nearly 70% of manufacturers are investing heavily in smart factories and continue to increase their annual spend. But only 14% said they would characterize their smart-factory deployments to date as a success.

The smart-factories frontrunners are gaining a competitive advantage as they leverage the efficiencies in the system. They have moved beyond pilot purgatory and resistance to digital manufacturing projects to drive transformation forward.

An aging workforce means everyone is facing a knowledge deficit. Traditional metrics and KPIs may not be the best way to measure success any longer. You may even need to change your KPIs during a project.

It is time to master smart factories. Learn where the opportunities lie and how you can move your projects forward.

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