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Leverage edge computing for restaurants and retail

Capgemini and IBM deliver an end-to-end solution

The global QSR ecosystem market is growing at a compound annual rate of 6.5 percent and the global market for smart retail technologies is increasing at approximately five percent. And customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience with every interaction no matter where they are located.

Capgemini leads the way in supporting the transformation of the retail, consumer, and quick-service restaurant industries by delivering a state-of-the-art digital experience for leading brands. Edge computing delivers a better experience for end users and improves business decisions while leveraging the ecosystem for cloud-native development practices.

The Capgemini IBM Edge solution for Restaurant and Retail is a new generation, end-to-end offering with containerized apps deployed on small edge Kubernetes clusters. These clusters act as decision-making edge nodes which run seamlessly on the Red Hat OpenShift Horizon Linux platform and enable local computing services and speed up business decision making within the restaurant or retail environment.

Download Leverage edge for restaurant and retail industry with Capgemini and IBM to learn how we can accelerate digital transformation and improve the customer experience.

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