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What are your challenges as a CIO/CTO/CDO/CXO?

The journey can be far from smooth when it comes to reaching your expected destination:

  • Lack of visibility in business processes and the underlying IT?
  • Limited or distributed automation?
  • Lack of mechanism to drive automation coverage?
  • Automation governance and value realization?
  • Manageability of automation?

We at Capgemini constantly innovate and evolve our technologies to progress towards this digital transformation amidst a hybrid world of work and data-driven business decisions. We aim to empower companies in achieving business value and ROI with our intensified digital technological advancements to achieve more; together – and we do so with Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform.

What is Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform?

Clients are increasingly looking at Intelligent Service Engagements within their business and IT to improve customer experience, trigger efficiency by augmenting human capabilities, and drive scalability. That’s where we come in.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform is an insights-driven, purpose-built, plug-and-play platform enabling effective IT, applications services, and business operations delivery to provide intelligent automation at its full potential. This enables businesses to reap maximum value across their entire operations, seamlessly, and at scale.

Based on state-of-the-art open-source technology, the platform facilitates capturing events produced by operational systems. It synthesizes these into business relevant insights by generating an intuitive view to provide a real-time health status of the client’s business operation.

The platform gathers business insights to drive proactive process improvement. This also ensures an intelligent integration of business and application services, thanks to sector-specific and back-office action-oriented use cases that are leveraged to provide greater value for your enterprise.

“Enterprises are looking beyond RPA to true intelligent automation by thinking in terms of business outcomes.”

Elena Christopher, HFS Research, “Enterprises, Escape your RPA pigeonhole today to achieve end-to-end automation, May 31, 2019

Why Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform

Business performance and IT efficiency – unified.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform enables operational excellence that improves time to results and cost reductions to drive your digital agenda. It also aligns with your business priorities and market dynamics – bringing you actionable insights derived from the experience of driving intelligent automation programs for over 600 clients globally, and is supported by more than 30,000 automation professionals and experts.

5 reasons why to choose Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform

Business aligned: Our repository of industry specific automation use cases, enables solutions that address specific needs of different industry sectors.

Embedded innovation: Get the best of Capgemini and third-party solutions together, driving your innovation.

Insights driven: The platform’s intelligence is enabled through its underlying data architecture. The granular non-personal data captured within drives key intelligent functionalities.

Digital ready: The platform provides a unified built-in engine that serves Capgemini’s full portfolio of services – going beyond radical process efficiencies to innovate and enhance revenue to drive business and IT excellence.

Industrialized Delivery: Powered by cloud, our AI-infused, real-world platform takes your enterprise from limited deployments to intelligent automation at scale.

“Artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation, while offering transformative potential business value, need an integrated approach across data, processes, and technologies. When deployed in isolated use cases at task-automation levels, they do not scale and provide their expected transformational impact on end-to-end process outcomes.”

HFS Research, Solve the Automation Scale Challenge with Integrated Automation, Fersht, Snowdon, Gupta, Christopher, Bandopadhyay

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