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How to create the unified experiences your buyers crave

Today’s purchase path is no longer linear

Customers are moving within a complicated buying journey that touches multiple channels and devices; this includes perusing the internet, email, mobile, social media, direct mail, and brick-and-mortar locations before they decide to complete a purchase. Even then, their journey isn’t over, as customers continue to engage with brands and other shoppers after the purchase has been made.

The customer journey now resembles an hourglass, not a funnel. Conversion is no longer the sole desired outcome at the end of the funnel; instead, it is now the center point. The journey may start on the path to purchase, but once a conversion occurs, marketers flip the hourglass over to transition customers into engagement and loyalty programs designed to build brand evangelism.

 In this piece, readers will learn about:
How to redefine the customer journey
Tools to analyze, interpret, and optimize the journey from start to finish
How to create new journeys that drive loyalty and conversion.

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