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How not to fail at application modernization

Abandon the factory approach and drive real transformation

Companies know they need to transform their legacy IT and processes. As many wrestle with digital and cloud transformation, app modernization becomes a business necessity. And the pandemic only accelerated the need to migrate to a modern infrastructure.

Everyone wants the benefits of app modernization but many stumble on the approach. They know they need to move away from monolithic applications, optimize business processes, and embrace the cloud and cloud-native architectures to enable continuous innovation and automation across the ecosystem.

App modernization needs to be viewed as a transformation driver. Trying to tackle it with a factory approach is a mistake because of the complexity involved. Capgemini has the experience to help companies develop the strategy and roadmap to move from legacy systems into the cloud and create modern applications.

Download How not to fail at app modernization to understand how the right strategy can get the future you want.

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