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Food Delivery-in-a-Box

Accelerate time-to-delivery with Capgemini’s digital Food Delivery-in-a-Box

As restaurants continue to ramp up online ordering, third-party delivery is essential. Though the importance of working with third-party delivery services like Grubhub or Uber Eats is well understood, it can be challenging given that they often require each restaurant to use a separate tablet to receive orders, with each order manually entered into the point-of-sale system by a restaurant employee. This manual process often results in errors or missed orders, which leads to lost revenue and opportunity.

Capgemini’s API-led Food Delivery-in-a-Box

Capgemini’s API-led Food Delivery-in-a-Box solution connects food-delivery systems in a single tablet experience. This experience:

  • Captures orders automatically in a seamless transaction
  • Eliminates manual order entry and the potential for delivery errors
  • Reduces staff required to manage orders during busy hours, allowing them to focus on other in-house priorities.

An API-based architecture framework extends this solution to integrate with multiple food-delivery services rapidly, thereby decreasing time to launch and accelerating revenue recognition for the restaurants.

Improve the ordering experience

With this Capgemini solution, powered by MuleSoft’s market-leading AnyPoint Platform, restaurants can reap the rewards of optimized technology and meet customers’ growing demands for speed, customization, and convenience.

Learn more about the power of API-led modernization. Access our report on hybrid cloud integration.

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