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Deliver seamless and secure experiences with Capgemini’s Fast Customer Data Solutions for SAP

Doing business effectively requires a complete understanding of the customer. This is crucial for creating personalized, secure and seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Delivering seamless and secure customer experiences requires using first-party data to establish an identity and ensure that every touchpoint enriches and informs a central consumer profile, while maintaining consent throughout the entire customer journey. Collecting, securing, and managing this data can be costly and poses security risks. Organizations, therefore, need a more effective way to manage it in a secure and compliant manner to provide actionable insights aimed at driving greater business value.

Capgemini’s Fast Customer Data Solutions for SAP Customer Experience brings forward a central customer identity and profile through a connected experience across all channels. This solution provides enterprise-wide, permission-based customer data insights for holistic customer profiles that are data privacy regulation compliant resulting in hyper-personalized engagements throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

With a connected and established identity, consent, and profile, customers can feel engaged and assured their relationships are built on trust and transparency.

Capgemini is one of the largest SAP systems integrators with an extensive track record in elevating the customer experience for a range of global clients. Together with SAP, we can help your company deliver the connected experiences that resonate with today’s customers to get the future you want for your enterprise.