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Drive growth and resilience with an intelligent supply chain

Supply-chain planning enables companies to succeed in a competitive and unpredictable market

Any enterprise that sells products or services depends on the supply chain to satisfy the needs of its customers. From the manufacturing of components to running a series of businesses to making a sale, a strategy for supply-chain planning is essential for company growth and success.

Supply chains across sectors were significantly strained by the pandemic. Businesses faced shortages in critical parts and materials, delayed shipments and longer lead times, and difficulties in matching production to fluctuating customer demand. Operating legacy or highly manual supply chains in the digital age carries high risk, leading many companies to integrate new technologies and processes. They have realized that an intelligent supply chain is the best way to build resilience and enable growth to get the future they want.

Adopting a planning approach to supply chain, however, presents its own challenges. Achieving flexibility and agility entails widespread change across multiple dimensions, with each business having its own mix, along with a unique set of goals and targets. Getting to the desired future state – an efficient and intelligent supply chain that drives growth and is able to withstand disruption – requires making the right investments and the right changes.

Capgemini’s research shows that companies are now investing in technologies that make supply chains more digital and autonomous. But they cannot afford to act without considering the quality of their data, as discrepancies and inaccuracies could lead to poor decisions, costing time, effort, and money. Proper planning demands a careful approach, to build a smart and resilient system to thrive in a competitive and unpredictable economy.

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