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Capgemini Core Integration Framework

Accelerate API-led modernization by 20 to 25%

From ground-breaking customer experiences to breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, the digital era has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for organizations to leverage technology to get – and stay – ahead. At the core of any successful digital strategy is data, but many organizations face challenges connecting that data across various systems, platforms, and devices in legacy systems and in the cloud.

Capgemini Core Integration Framework

With API-led modernization, organizations are able to connect and combine data from disparate sources securely and at scale. APIs enable you to unlock data from systems, compile data into processes, and connect applications to data via purposeful and reusable services, in real time.

Capgemini’s Core Integration Framework simplifies and accelerates the process of API-led modernization to enable digital business. A Java-based and open-source framework with a fully functional codebase, the Core Integration Framework provides a comprehensive foundation for any integration project across public, private, or hybrid clouds. It can help organizations save 20 to 25% in implementation time and cost savings.

It includes:

  • A reference architecture
  • Integration guiding principles
  • Development standards
  • Architectural design and implementation patterns
  • API-centric implementation methodology.

Partnering for success

Together, Capgemini and MuleSoft help you harness the power of API-led modernization. A leading MuleSoft partner, Capgemini works with organizations all over the world to help them leverage APIs and MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform to form the connections that make digital business a reality. Our unparalleled integration expertise, from the number of certified experts on our teams to the size, scale, and complexity of our engagements, means that when you work with Capgemini, you get access to the expertise to leverage your data to get – and stay – ahead in the digital era.

Learn more about the power of API-led modernization. Access our report on hybrid cloud integration.

Unlocking the hybrid integration dividend