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Business-focused AIOps can help manage complex IT ecosystems

AI-powered IT management can prevent issues before they occur

The enterprise IT department is under increasing pressure to do more with less.

However, today’s IT ecosystem is one of complex application landscapes, including hybrid cloud environments and cloud-native application architectures. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to identify the root causes of application performance issues that negatively impact business-user experiences.

Capgemini’s business-focused AIOps powered by Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes combines big data and machine learning to automate an IT operation’s processes. Then it does more. By applying AI to the challenge, this solution transforms the business and IT operations workflow using automated detection and resolution. Read how our business-focused AIOps solution can help reduce end-user impact by up to 70 percent and reduce the number of production performance issues by up to 10 percent

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Thank you for your interest in AIOps and how it can positively impact your IT organization. Capgemini can help create a painless path to transformation. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

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Meet our experts

Raakesh Boyapati

NA Application Development Services Go-To-Market Leader
I lead the GTM team for the ADM COE in North America. I have over 25+ years of experience in Application Managed Services. My specializations include Application Outsourcing, Cost Transformations, Vendor consolidation and IT Strategy. I work with clients to develop solutions for maximizing operational excellence, driving growth and improving stakeholder experience.

Prasanna Velayudham

IT Transformation and Automation Consultant
I have over 25 years of experience in Applications Management, IT Transformation, Automation, AIOps and Business Services. I am seen as trusted advisor by customers in enabling their technology transformation.

    Taking IT operations to the next level with AIOps from ADMnext

    Observing, orchestrating, and automating to take your IT operations to the next level.