Renewable Insights: the future of data and analytics with SAP

Capgemini’s Renewable Insights helps you get ready to harness the power of SAP S4/HANA to create a data-driven company with a competitive advantage.

So, what tools are out there to enable a data-driven culture and operation? We’ve developed Renewable Insights to increase agility and flexibility in a rapidly changing business environment. It provides an opportunity to deliver remarkable customer experiences while generating revenue and profitable growth to drive business outcomes. Data empowers employees to make better decisions while reducing costs and risks.

It addresses four key areas:

  1. Alignment: How do we accomplish our department objectives and know we are aligned to the overall goals?
  2. Efficiency: How do we grow our capabilities without growing the size of our teams?
  3. Effectiveness: Are we actually returning value to our firm? How do we know?
  4. Agility: How do we accelerate our time to market without compromising quality?

Companies need to find a way to create trusted data together with effective data management. The answer for many companies lies in combining SAP S/4HANA with Capgemini Renewable Insights.

Capgemini and SAP’s approach to developing a data-driven culture

Previous SAP solutions stressed the building of standard processes to create efficiencies and savings. SAP S/4HANA focuses on data  and the analytics and faster iterations that drive value. That enables insights, enterprise optimizations, improved company strategy and planning, and delivers data and analytics to support value over the long term.

Capgemini’s Renewable Insights has been developed to enable our customers to create tangible value from their data through continuous innovation with SAP S/4HANA and related data and analytics ecosystems. It combines the power of SAP innovations with the competitive advantage achievable by becoming a data-driven organization. Renewable Insights enables companies to seize the SAP S/4HANA opportunity to achieve value-driven business outcomes with data and analytics.

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Renewable Insights: helping at every stage of your data journey to deliver results that drive your business forward

Data transformation

  • Readiness assessment and strategy
  • Data leverage for successful implementation
  • Differentiate with data and decisions

Insight transformation

  • Design, prepare and execute on your analytics strategy
  • Serve the business-outcome needs
  • Embedded analytics for maximum value

Connected innovations

  • Step-up in your data and analytics journey
  • AI and ML innovation to drive value
  • Accelerators within SAP Cloud Platform

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Meet our experts

Brian Girouard

Expert in Strategy and Transformation

Charlie Li

I work with enterprise clients across North America on all stages of cloud adoption and transformation, from forming a strategy and roadmap, to migrating applications, cloud-native development and public cloud managed services.

Markus Winkler

I am passionate about helping Automotive companies in their transformation towards end-to-end sustainable mobility .

Dinand Tinholt

Expert in Insights & Data.

Andy Heppelle

In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, leaders need to accelerate strategic decisions, create new models and align their people to them. I work with leaders to disrupt their industries, thrive with new ideas and survive the turbulence being created by others.  The Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment uses proven design processes, decision methods and a collaborative approach to deliver customized workshops. We deliver results that traditionally take months of work in few days. We accelerate your speed to value and prepare your team for liftoff. My areas of focus in this work are Digital and Information Technology Transformations.


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