Design for Digital

Design for Digital is different from the rest of TechnoVision. It focuses on the “how” rather than on the “what.” It doesn’t describe, it prescribes. Through seven design principles, it provides a thorough checklist for any new or ongoing digital initiative. Design for Digital suggests the proper mindset when engaging with technology for business impact.

Its ambition is to serve as a guideline to design the right solutions for our world – which is digital by default. Each of the principles might look innocuous enough; taken together, they are a tall order. Cloud is king, nobody escapes its jurisdiction; we build in twin worlds, real and virtual, joined at the hip; the enterprise’s platforms make it agile and responsive; corporate IQ must go up to remain competitive in the quickly emerging era of AI; trust has become so precious, one has to carefully count it; every business tradition deserves to be hacked; between enterprise and customers, transactions give way to digital stories.

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Your digital solutions are fighting for intellectual shelf space to exist and to survive in...

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