Getting ready for the next wave in Business Intelligence.

This paper addresses the next wave of innovation in Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for years now, and we would argue that since the introduction of the Data Warehousing concept in the early ‘90s, not much has changed.

Innovations in consumer electronics, entertainment, and communications have been revolutionizing the day-to-day lives of millions of people. Through the Internet, consumers have unlimited access to information and tools. Social networks, messaging and new media have changed the way people communicate and exchange information. On the other hand, BI has seemed to avoid any disruptive innovation.

In this article, we will describe what might be the next wave of innovation in BI. We will point out why BI needs to become user-friendly and agile to fulfill its potential. Some hints of these new features already exist today. Search-based BI is one of those interesting new innovations capable of changing the landscape of tomorrow’s BI.