Digital technology is creating the platform for organizations to drive productivity, increase revenue,innovate, and forever change the way they do business. Companies are leveraging cloud computing, Big Data, mobility, and IoT, as well as emerging technologies such as robotics and cognitive analytics coupled with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to transform their businesses. New IDC research finds that most Canadian organizations are just at the initial stages of this transformation. IDC’s research also found that investments in digital returned 40% more revenue than those focused on traditional technologies. These returns are consistent with those found in other research on digital transformation, including a report by MIT and Capgemini titled Organizing for Digital: Why Digital Dexterity Matters. Furthermore, IDC’s research found that best-in-class firms were driving 150% more revenue from digital technology investments. These firms point to increased revenues, more informed decision making, and improved productivity and agility as the top advantages of digital. 
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