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For B2B telco operators, the future hinges on the ability to transform from a communications services provider (CSP) to a digital services provider (DSP).

Today’s enterprise telco clients expect fast and efficient digital services as well as a personalized experience and customized offerings. In order to deliver, B2B telco operators must invest in the digital services and capabilities that will enable them to embrace new business models, improve innovation, and quickly launch new services to the enterprise customers.

Capgemini’s recently released B2B Digital Telco Operator Observatory highlights the success of some of the world’s leading B2B operators as they embrace the role of DSP. In this Observatory, we explore enterprise customers’ need for advanced information and communications technology (ICT) services, enhanced cloud communication capabilities, and new digital tools to improve coordination with the operator and enable the organization to serve a rapidly changing market – a need made even more urgent due to an acceleration of trends by COVID-19.

The Observatory presents real-world success stories of how these operators are leveraging digital technology to transform their portfolios, create a digital-first omni-channel experience, increase operational stability and efficiency, and reimagine their go-to-market strategy. Some examples include:

  • A leading Nordic operator that reduced sales lead time by 70% and radically improved the customer experience through a single-frame sales agreement
  • A leading European operator that transformed their portfolio to include a new set of well-packaged ICT offerings, supported by enhanced digital capabilities
  • A North American operator that decreased order cycle time by 55% and significantly improved customer satisfaction through a 360-degree customer view
  • One of North Africa’s largest operators that enabled growth and market share gains, as well as improved operational efficiency and customer experience, through digitization and automation of sales processes
  • A major APAC operator that increased and accelerated customer conversion through harmonized and streamlined lead-to-cash process transformation.

Access the full Observatory

To learn more about these projects, as well as other exciting and compelling case studies, please contact Fredrik Gunnarsson, Vice President, Capgemini Invent or complete the following form to receive a copy of Capgemini’s B2B Telco Operator Observatory:

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