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Capgemini delivers energy expertise

Capgemini’s unique expertise across a combination of skills is highly relevant to the energy industry. In our newest video series, Elfije Lemaitre, Vice President, Energy Sector, North America, shares how Capgemini delivers across energy skills, how we approach sustainable solutions, and how we package these skills to deliver high value to clients. Watch the videos below to learn more.

At Capgemini, we work to deliver all the skills needed to develop a successful transformation strategy to create real business impact in your energy business.

Energy companies are facing complex challenges in the wake of climate change. In this video, Elfije Lemaitre shares the realistic approach Capgemini is taking to create sustainable solutions in energy industries.

The energy industry and companies alike are now facing a wave of disruption. How can energy companies adapt to this disruption and seize the great opportunities presenting themselves today?

The energy industry has always been an ever-changing market but, in light of the industry’s latest disruptions, how can energy companies continue to transform their business and see results?

Learn how unique accelerators and innovations have brought new value to the longstanding partnership between SAP and Capgemini.

In many industries, the importance of human components is often overlooked. In this video, Elfije Lemaitre, Vice President, Energy Sector, North America, explains why people are often the key to digital-transformation process for energy companies.

The future of the energy industry is unknown yet brings many opportunities. This video addresses climate change and achieving sustainability in the energy industry.

Elfije Lemaitre, Vice President, Energy Sector, North America, discusses energy companies embracing the changes and starting to turn disruption into opportunity with the use of innovative technologies.

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