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Transformative Solutions for Grocers

Our experience working with leading Grocers gives us a unique perspective on your challenges

                <p>Grocers are facing rapid change. Powerful disrupters are setting new standards for product assortment, convenience, value, and personalized experience. Changing customer preferences for fresh foods, locally sourced options, and product traceability are challenging traditional supply chains. And new entrants and business models, such as online grocery ordering and subscription programs, require grocers to respond with new services and channels.</p>

Forward-leaning grocers are looking to digitization for new capabilities and new competitive advantage. But you need to do more than just deploy new technology. To compete and win, you need to transform – your strategy, your operations, your workforce, your business models, and your entire go-to-market mindset.

Capgemini’s experience working with leading Grocers gives us a unique perspective on your challenges:

  • Deep experience in customer digital transformation within the grocery sector
  • Proven expertise in Digital supply chain transformation
  • Innovative approaches to reduce operational costs
  • Decades of experience modernizing client operations spanning labor, supply chains, stores, distribution centers and warehouses

Capgemini provides a range of services to help grocers plan for tomorrow from the realities of today. From business innovation to enterprise strategy, from technology design to digital transformation, from infrastructure deployment and hosting to ongoing business services, we help grocers use technology to offer products and services that meet today’s customers’ needs for convenience and value, in order to become an integral part of shoppers’ lives. Our Smart Store Guide and Conversational Commerce solutions help you deliver an exceptional shopper experience and level of convenience.

You can download the brochure here

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