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Transform your business with agility

To succeed in an ever-changing market, organizations must achieve organization-wide agility

Agile is not just about gaining a competitive edge – it can also be imperative for survival. How fast an organization can pivot and respond to significant changes in the market can determine its success and ability to stay relevant. Although more than 90 percent of companies practice agile to some degree, less than 20 percent say they have achieved agile maturity.

Many companies are overwhelmed by the transformation effort that is required to scale agile. To be successful, organizations need to put less emphasis on generic frameworks and more on customizing the approach to the organization’s culture.

Although scaling agile throughout an organization can be a challenging, multi-year effort, it reaps large benefits. A successful agile transformation can create a more effective and efficient workforce, streamline operations, and increase cost savings.

Read the Capgemini Research Institute report, Agile at scale, to learn how to quickly and confidently scale agile.

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