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Digital transformation

Top Trends in Commercial Banking: 2022

This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the commercial banking sector as they shift to technology high gear to boost client efficiency and battle a volatile, uncertain, competitive, and evolving landscape.

First, it was retail banking. Now, advanced technology is shifting to – and disrupting − the commercial banking space. Many commercial banks, known for paperwork, red tape, and branch dependency, were unprepared to support clients during their post-COVID-19 ramp-up. But now, the digital pivot to new mindsets, partnerships, and processes is in overdrive.

As commercial banks grapple with competition from FinTechs, BigTechs, and alternative lenders, their inability to fulfill SME demands and pandemic after-shocks necessitates transformative process changes and a move to experiential, sustainable, and inclusive banking models. We expect banks to strive to meet the demands of corporate clients and SMEs by digitally transforming critical workflows and improving client experience. Additionally, incremental process improvements in the middle and back office that leverage intelligent automation will keep the competition at bay because engaged clients are loyal.

Adopting newer methods to mine data and moving to as-a-Service models will prepare commercial banks to flexibly respond to newcomers and find ways to co-exist through effective collaboration. The time has come for commercial banks to put transformation on the fast track as lending losses in wallet and market share could spill over to other functions!

How incumbents react and respond to 2022 trends could determine their relevancy and resiliency in the years ahead.