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The app-modernization handbook: your decisive guide to intelligent apps

Agility, flexibility, and efficiency are critical to business success. Companies need to adapt at speed to changing markets to be successful. But creating an agile business is challenging.

The contrast – legacy systems, rigid infrastructure, and outdated platforms – only stunt enterprise growth and frustrate employees and customers.  To enable agility, companies need to change their approach to the apps that are at the core of their business.

App modernization is the process of transforming legacy software to align to current business needs. Modernizing covers not just existing software but also people and processes. Organizations need to take an agile approach to development across people, processes, and technology, and embrace cloud-native development. App modernization ensures you have the ability to execute quickly, respond and adapt to continuously evolving market conditions, and pivot to new business models ahead of the competition.

The app-modernization handbook reviews how to transform legacy software into a more agile environment and deliver at the speed of ideation. Download the report to know more.