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Technovision 2020: Future thinking

Simplifying the new normals

TechnoVision 2020: Future Thinking Simplified

These are anxious times for business leaders. Our organizations won’t return to business-as-usual activity as we know it – or rather, knew it. Changes in working practices introduced to counteract the spread of COVID-19 are likely to be in place for the longer term. Add in fears over recession, and continuing rapid advances in technology that help turn our existing IT systems into technology debt, and what business leaders have to contend with is previously unreached levels of complexity. We constantly hear that change is the new normal – but we’d argue that the old normal will never return. The complexity that we see in all areas of business right now will, in fact, lead to multiple new normals.


These new normals in business will be powered and supported by technology, whether that’s through the use of evolving technologies such as AI and cloud, emerging technologies such as virtual reality, brain-computer interfaces and blockchain, or disrupting technologies such as quantum and neuromorphic computing. Business leaders must find a way to make the most of these complex advances. The enterprises that do embrace these advances and successfully transition into technology-led businesses will be the organizations that are best-placed to take advantage of the multiple new normals.

At this complex time, business leaders need pragmatic guidance. As the antidote to complexity, we aim to Simplify – we want to help business leaders ask the right questions so that they use innovation to meet their objectives. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, but enterprises that embrace innovation now can help their businesses to not only survive but to thrive in an age characterized by multiple new normals.