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Space means business

We are on the brink of a golden age in space commercialization. Agile new enterprises are transforming industry verticals, and creating new ones, at a truly revolutionary pace. With over 35 years experience in the sector, and a dedication to operating at the forefront of technological innovation, Capgemini is taking its place at the heart of the revolution in the space business.

It all begins with data

Data from space is now the lifeblood of many businesses. There are close to 1,000 commercial satellites orbiting the Earth, and almost all of them are there to collect and deliver data: high resolution imagery, navigational signals, and communications streams.

High-flying assets

For the enterprises that sell and use this data every day, the industry is not about spectacular rocket launches, it’s about integrated data systems in which some components just happen to be hundreds of kilometers about the surface of the Earth.

Data is data, wherever it comes from

These systems enable a wide range of commercial services, from weather forecasts, to digital mapping, to logistics tracking. And just like more down-to-Earth industries, expertise in system integration and data management are essential to success.

Our long-standing expertise in these areas, across multiple sectors, means we are the partner of choice for leading global enterprises in the space industry. Over 35 years, we have developed highly evolved solutions for:

  • Satellite ground stations
  • Mission programming centers
  • Satellite control centers
  • Space applications
  • Application maintenance of critical systems