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Scale up sustainability with cosiri

Introducing the Consumer Sustainability Readiness Index (COSIRI)

Manufacturing value chains are set to undergo a remarkable sustainability transformation, resulting in more transparency and visibility.

Collaboration is crucial when trying to achieve sustainability goals because no individual organization or country can tackle the complex and interconnected challenges the global community now faces. In this regard, the Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative was launched in 2022 with the World Economic Forum, in partnership with Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing to support industries accelerate their road to Net Zero.

This year, the initiative is taking it to the next level: Capgemini is now joining forces with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT) to scale a global Index for Sustainable Industry. Together, we’ll pool our resources, expertise, and capabilities to maximize the potential of INCIT’s new Consumer Sustainability Readiness Index (COSIRI). COSIRI is leveraging the World Economic Forum’s Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative movement to support global industries accelerate their path to Net Zero, which will use it as a central tool.

“The COSIRI framework is a major step forward in fostering smart, sustainable manufacturing globally. It is a powerful tool to help governments, businesses and stakeholders enhance transparency and visibility across manufacturing value chains.”

Francisco Betti, Head of Manufacturing and Production, WEF

Building on the launch of COSIRI at Davos Annual Meeting 2023, Capgemini will help COSIRI empower manufacturers to make more informed decisions on sustainable transformation. Since maturity varies across all organizations, COSIRI assesses companies across four dimensions and awards a star rating that also highlights all necessary CO2 reduction levers for manufacturers. COSIRI is equipped with a Prioritization Matrix that is built upon the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards and incorporates individual business objectives. This facilitates the identification key GHG emissions mitigation strategies necessary to reach Net Zero.

“COSIRI will not only foster awareness and engagement across industries. It will also help the required acceleration around Scope 3 decarbonization to support the broader industrial community in this challenge.”

Roshan Gya, Chief Executive Officer, Capgemini Invent and Group Executive Committee Member
Sustainability maturity is assessed holistically across 24 dimensions of sustainability, from strategy, to operations, supply chains, products, GHG emissions management, technology adoption and organization.Provides an impartial, quantitative and fact-based assessment enabling companies to focus on key mitigation areas including Scope 3.Providing company’s position against benchmark across industrial subsectors, sustainability dimensions, countries and continents.

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