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The defense industry is urged to answer security challenges, while brand new entrants are transforming space into a thriving industry.

With security concerns and investments occupying center-stage across the world, the defense industry is under strong pressure to modernize its capabilities. Meanwhile, the space industry is undergoing an industrial reorganization, while space exploration, debris recycling and tourism open up new perspectives.

Together with new client needs – like protection from cyber attacks – and the emergence of non-traditional competitors, these developments are putting intense pressure on existing players in the global defense and space value chain.

Capgemini Engineering is a global player leveraging industry excellence to enable legacy and disruptive stakeholders to tackle their R&D, production and business challenges.

Fully involved in the space domain, we accompany space players on their implementation of means and processes to increase their capability to deliver value faster. We provide a set of frameworks to support any project in an Agile manner without any compromise on security requirements.

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The above content was first published on Capgemini Engineering’s website.