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Data and AI

Navigating the gen AI era

Insights and strategies for the future of bank marketing

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a mainstream tool that is being applied across organizations in many industries. For banks, it promises to transform the way marketing works. To understand how it is being used in banking, the Capgemini Research Institute surveyed and interviewed a variety of marketing executives from 216 banks in 14 countries.

Overall, interest in generative AI is increasing across the banking industry, with most enterprise functions reporting that they are testing, using, or have strategies for using the technology. But marketing groups seem to be moving especially fast, with 72% having taken such steps. Another 8% are taking a “watch and wait” approach.

To move ahead successfully, chief marketing officers need to focus on several fundamental issues:

  • Strategic direction with clear goals for the use of generative AI in marketing and roadmaps that prioritize short- and medium-term objectives.
  • Leadership and oversight with a specialized marketing task force, robust ethical guidelines, and ongoing monitoring of changing AI regulations.
  • Iterative execution with a gradual approach to implementation that starts with small-scale projects focused on high-impact, low-risk uses, and grows over time.
  • Expanded boundaries with new, broader external partnerships and evolving marketing leadership roles that encompass cutting-edge technologies.
  • A strong focus on data ensuring the use of diverse, high-quality datasets and preparing a strong data foundation to support generative AI.

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