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Generative AI – built for business

Leveraging the disruptive power of GenAI to transform business operations

In recent years, businesses have been promised many revolutionary technologies, ranging from blockchain and non-fungible tokens to digital twins and the metaverse.

Generative AI is also regarded as transformative. As a ground-breaking, disruptive technology that’s part of a wider AI and data science toolkit, GenAI is designed to analyze and replicate the characteristics and patterns found within large sets of data. And it can handle activities that until recently we thought only humans could do.

But is GenAI simply the latest craze in technology? In this paper, we’ll look at what GenAI is, what it does, and consider the key factors in a strategic, enterprise-wide implementation.

We’ll explore how GenAI can:

  • Genuinely disrupt business operations through enhancing or augmenting human creativity or skills, carrying out tasks that are predefined and automated
  • Be used for a range of applications, from creating text, images, and videos in different styles to generating tailored content
  • Automate business systems to perform tasks previously reserved exclusively for humans – particularly those requiring creativity, empathy, and experience.

For business processes, GenAI gives us the opportunity to offer new and more innovative services and products that can help drive improved experiences and more value for our customers – enabling us to stay ahead of the competition.

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As Generative AI continues to advance, early adopter organizations will benefit from reinvented business models and processes.

Generative AI Lab – dream the undreamt.

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VP Global Head of Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Process Automation can help eliminate frictions impacting your data, people, processes, and technology, enabling you to implement data-driven & digitally augmented workforce at scale by combining process automation, AI and process analytics.