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Data and AI

Forecasting the healthcare fallout

Climate change’s toll on individuals and Payers

The severity of climate change events is creating acute and long-term health problems, driving higher costs across the healthcare system at an alarming rate. Payers are already facing costs from members diagnosed with physical and mental illnesses that stem from climate change.

As a result, Payers will need to implement new strategies to manage these ever-increasing costs and improve the health of their members. These strategies, aimed at addressing end-to-end individual care and well-being, cannot only mitigate the health dangers associated with climate change but also provide a competitive edge by measuring its impact on members, providers, growth, STAR ratings, and medical spending. 

Our point-of-view unearths several insights Payers can leverage to effectively respond to the growing risk of climate-related health problems by accelerating their data analyses capabilities with AI tools to both internal and external data sources and reap tangible benefits in several areas such as:  

  • Member engagement and experience from proactive outreach
  • Enhanced long-term healthcare and preventive strategies
  • Expanded market development opportunities
  • Improved financial well-being for members

Your first step in ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of your customers is to stay one step ahead by leveraging data and analytics to manage climate-related risks.

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Digital core for insurance

In this increasingly volatile business environment, insurers face risk and competition that is more complex than ever before.

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