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Engaging consumers in a touchless world

Tapping into new opportunities for growth

The disruption caused by the pandemic has changed the way we do business. With a greater focus on health and safety and the reality that social distancing is the norm in the near future, consumers will continue to take care in their interactions with organizations, even as we gradually return to normal.

But not everything will be the same, and in fact some domains will have a new normal going forward. For the customer experience, the development of contactless solutions has accelerated significantly due to the obvious demand, changing how consumers interact with different brands. Touchless interactions are no longer a commodity, but a necessity.

The current trend raises a number of questions for organizations and their leaders about the customer experience, the adoption of new interfaces and technologies, and how the future may look. Our report examines these queries with the help of the 5,000 consumers and 1,000 executives we surveyed from 12 major economies. It also offers recommendations for organizations for aligning to new consumer habits and behaviors and building trust in a touchless world.

With the age of the contactless customer experience upon us, it is time for enterprises to adapt their strategies for consumer engagement and tap into new opportunities for growth.

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