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DevSecOps is ready for Aerospace and Defense

Solve the traditional application-development conflict and become more agile

Research predicts that, by 2022, 90 percent of software development projects will employ DevSecOps practices, up from 40 percent in 2019.

While DevSecOps emerged from internet and software companies, it can benefit regulated and high-security environments, and it is the path to digital transformation. Aerospace and Defense (A&D) companies need to break from the traditional V-model so they can accelerate software delivery.

The first step to addressing these challenges is adoption of Agile planning and development processes. Adoption of DevSecOps practices in A&D can accelerate software delivery, reducing the time from code change to production deployment or release while reducing security risks.

Download Aerospace and Defense needs to embrace DevSecOps to understand how it enables companies to plan shorter iterations and build software incrementally.

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