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Digital Inclusion

We’re bridging the digital divide to ensure technology is an opportunity for all

Digital transformation is exposing a clear divide that is impacting all geographies and sectors. Basic digital skills are essential to working, receiving medical care, travelling, and staying informed in our modern age, but the poorest in our society are too often left behind.

We believe people should never be limited in work and life by a lack of digital skills, and that the next generation of innovators should be supported.  By using the skills and passions of our people, we’re bridging the digital divide to ensure we have a future where technology is an opportunity for everyone.

We’ve created literacy programs and academies that are actively making a difference by teaching digital skills to the people who need them most.

Our Impact

  • 200,000+ beneficiaries of digital literacy programs in 2021
  • 30 digital academies
  • 1,000,000+ lives impacted by our COVID-19 response

Our main focus

Using our skills to help society address the impact of the digital revolution.

As part of our efforts to close the gap, we are engaging in a number of initiatives designed to teach digital skills to those that need them and create new pathways to careers in tech.

Developing our communities through digital literacy

Digital literacy is more vital than ever and can determine whether or not an individual is included or excluded in today’s world. Our digital literacy programs aim to bridge the digital divide. They provide access to digital tools and devices, teach foundational digital skills to the uninformed and untrained, and inspire young people and women to pursue careers in tech. These programs have already benefited 200,000 people in 2021 alone.

Opening doors to careers in tech through our digital academies

We’re committed to broadening access to employment in the tech sector. By addressing the digital skills shortage and creating pathways into employment for under-represented groups and the unemployed, we will create new career pathways. Our Digital Academies are focused on providing specialized training in on-demand IT capabilities and IT enabled skills (ITES) to disadvantaged populations with the goal of helping them find sustainable employment and reach financial independence.

For example, we’re training and hiring of 500 women from rural backgrounds in India to empower them to become valuable members of our workforce.

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Leveraging technology to solve societal challenges

Through our Technology for Positive Futures strategy, we focus on creating positive societal impact by engaging our people to develop innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. From hackathons to the development of new services that can help address today’s problems, we’re focused on leveraging technology for positive social impact.

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