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Digital continuity - 2880 x 1800
Digital transformation

Digital Continuity

Building the connected organization

The industrial world is undergoing significant changes, impacting the entire value chain from suppliers to resellers.

Users now expect high-performance products customized to their specific needs, demanding not only enhanced technical capabilities but also improved user experience and ease of maintenance. Simultaneously, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability as companies and individuals aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

To address these challenges, the industrial cycle must reinvent itself, shifting from a linear and siloed operational model to a collaborative one. This is more than an IT program; it represents a profound shift in business practices.

In this piece, you will explore the significance of digital continuity and why it matters. Topics covered include:

  • The role of digital continuity in your business.
  • Where to commence with a digital continuity initiative.
  • Extending collaboration through digital continuity.
  • The significance of strengthening industrial cybersecurity.
  • The importance of digital continuity in the era of sustainability.
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      Meet our expert

      Jacques Bacry

      Executive Vice President – Digital Continuity & Convergence Group Offer Leader
      Jacques is Digital Continuity Group Offer Leader, with an objective to define and execute the strategy in this dynamic domain including PLM and Digital twin. His work is focused on unleashing the promise of end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle, by seamlessly integrating ideation, engineering, manufacturing, and aftersales into one unified digital collaboration. He is a champion of PLM as an enabler for Industry 4.0 because it integrates the development of products, production, and services.