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Code for a Cure

Intelligent solutions to real-life problems 

Capgemini’s Global Data Science Challenge (GDSC) is a flagship hackathon that draws on our purpose to ensure a sustainable future for the planet through our skills, energy, and talent. So far, it has enabled more than 290,000 talented employees around the world to create various AI and ML models that help to solve the challenge at hand.

The GDSC offers participants the opportunity to learn new tools, expand their networks while working on a real-life use case. Due to its success, we are excited to extend participation to a selected number of institutions and their students!

Harnessing the power of AI 

The Data Science Challenge is half training, half competition. The first Data Science Challenge was run in 2016 in Germany. Within the next two years, it became so popular that it was hosted globally by the Insights & Data community. This year, we are excited to make the Global Data Science Challenge available to anyone from the qualified affiliations.

Throughout the challenge, participants will:
• Work on an actual data science/AI use case.
• Learn how to develop, improve and interpret several machine learning algorithms.
• Learn how to run a data science project.
• Form a team, build their own solution, and compete against other participants.

Join the next challenge to eliminate River Blindness with Data & AI

Launching in early 2022, ‘Code for a Cure – using AI to eliminate River Blindness’ will see us join forces with the Bonn University to fight against one of the most neglected tropical diseases, River Blindness.

River blindness has currently infected more than 20 million people and has caused permanent blindness in more than one million. To combat this, the World Health Organization is spearheading a global effort to eliminate transmission by 2030. To achieve this multiple drug candidates are currently undergoing clinical trials. Unfortunately, evaluating their efficiency is a manual process that can only be done by a handful of people across the globe.

After registering GDSC participants will team up to create an AI-based solution that will automate the current manual evaluation process, saving years of work and immensely speed up the availability of new treatments to patients infected by River Blindness.

Want to stay up to date? Join our GDSC community

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Check out the past #GDSC4 (2021) harnessing the waves of data in our oceans: