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Capgemini’s SAP Business Assurance Solution in partnership with Tricentis

Capgemini’s Quality Engineering and Testing (QET) practice, in partnership with Tricentis, created an SAP Business Assurance solution which is a one-stop-shop for organizations undergoing S/4HANA transformation.

Many organizations have moved to S/4HANA and most of the remaining ones will plan their transformation to S/4HANA in the next two to five years. Key challenges customers face in SAP business assurance or end-to-end testing are risk of impact to business operations, duration of testing, scope definitions, and generating meaningful test data.

Capgemini, in partnership with Tricentis, has created an SAP business solution which can help:

  • Accelerate your release cycles with up to 10x faster testing. Turbocharge your SAP innovation with a test automation platform that helps you make weekly (even daily) releases a reality.
  • Improve your software quality with 90 percent risk reduction. Protect your business processes with AI-powered risk analysis that enables zero-defect releases and eliminates the need for hyper care.
  • Reduce your testing costs with automation, with up to 50 percent lower costs. Use the platform that is AI-driven and codeless, shrinking testing costs through reduced test volume and automation of manual tasks.
  • Accelerate your testing ROI with up to 15X higher testing ROI. With Capgemini ready-to-deploy accelerators for SAP S/4HANA, ROI is up to 75 percent.

Capgemini’s Kirthy Chennaian, VP NA QET, Practice Head, shares his view on priorities for businesses migrating to S/4HANA and cloud platforms as part of their digital-transformation journey. The requirement is for speed to delivery, with quality integrated with every aspect of delivery and with reduced total cost of ownership.

From this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the S/4HANA transformation wave and what it means for you?
  • Examine SAP business assurance challenges and testing approaches
  • See a quick demo of an automated, AI-enabled continuous testing platform powered by ready-to-use assets created by Capgemini.

About the speaker

Kirthy – Head of Quality Engineering and Testing (QET) Practice, North America
As a North American Head of QET practice, I focus on creating Top Diverse Talent, Market Defining Capabilities & a Winning Culture through future focused QET ECO system. I drive Business Outcomes by enabling End-To-End product quality for the customers. We are consistently ranked the best testing organizations in the world through our Market Leading Publications, Future-Ready capabilities and Value Centric Delivery aligned with Top Talent at the heart of Customer Centricity.
Ashwini – Head of Portfolio/CoE, Quality Engineering and Testing (QET) Practice, North America
As a North American Head of Portfolio/CoE of QET practice, I focus on Strategic Focus for Profitable Growth, Business Strategy for Customer Success, Innovation for Digital Transformation Acceleration, Value Creation for Client Centricity and Market Defining Capabilities for Sustainability. I drive Transformation led sales, underpinned by Client Centricity, Client Portfolio, GTM and strong Sales Eco System with a Shift to Value and Winning Culture of Profitable Growth.
Anita – Enterprise Packages Leader, Quality Engineering and Testing (QET) Practice, North America
As the North American Enterprise Packages Leader of QET practice, I focus on navigating and leading across IT, Solutions, Client growth to bring solutions, packages, and engagement opportunities with Value Centric Delivery and Customer Centricity. As a thought leader and a hands-on practitioner who holds delivery, solutions, and P & L responsibilities for key accounts and varied business areas, I craft solutions involving cloud, AI, ML, and data analytics, which help clients develop and deliver sustainable solutions, achieve Profitable and Sustainable Growth in alignment with Speed to Market.

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