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Rebound, reimagine, rearchitect: How to build the new normal


In times of crisis, it’s natural to focus on the here and now. True leaders, meanwhile, are looking ahead to what’s next. What will the business landscape look like once the crisis has subsided?

For many businesses, this new normal will look quite different. The challenge, therefore, is to take steps now to adapt – to evolve the business models and build the systems that will not only survive but thrive in the new business landscape that emerges on the other side.

How do we protect ourselves moving forward?

Rethink face-to-face

The new need for remote work is challenging businesses to re-evaluate their operating environment – particularly in the context of commerce, marketing, sales and service. In our new normal, how much face-to-face interaction is really necessary?

Many businesses are learning that it’s far less critical than they once thought. In some cases, this revelation can be transformative.

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