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Leveraging clean-room technology for better ad buys


My team and I are delighted that Snowflake has honored Capgemini with a special Media Competency Badge for accelerating innovation via the Snowflake Media Data Cloud. This is an important recognition of how we’re helping publishers, advertisers, and other parties prosper in an increasingly complex media landscape. 

The sector faces numerous challenges, but three data-specific ones stand out. 

To start, the way we consume media has grown more complex, making it more difficult to determine how brands should reach their target customers via advertising. For example, we no longer gather in the living room at a specific time to watch a program on TV. Instead, different household members engage with different media – at any time, in any place, and via a range of devices. This raises the technological barrier and complexity to achieve the insights that advertisers and partners require. 

Evolving regulatory environments compound the challenge. Laws protecting consumer privacy and governing data use are growing stronger. For example, when the California Privacy Rights Act comes into effect on January 1, 2023, it will prevent not only the selling but also the sharing of data. This will make it even more challenging for the industry to effectively identify target markets for advertisers. 

And, finally, that’s a problem because advertisers are increasingly demanding better proof that media buys are delivering the desired return on investment. Brands need to connect the dots between running an ad and generating sales – and that requires mixing data from several sources. 

These three factors combined create a huge challenge for publishers and media buyers: How can they identify their advertisers’ target markets, deliver the desired advertising, and track their success, without running afoul of strict regulatory environments? 

To address this, Capgemini has been working closely with Snowflake to design and develop data clean room solutions with end-to-end analytics capabilities. Snowflake enables marketers, publishers, and data and ad technology businesses to unlock their data for identity, insights, activation, and measurement across the advertising ecosystem. Capgemini’s clean room allows these stakeholders to perform essential first-party data matching, create audience insights, and activate and measure campaigns. It does this without exchanging data between the stakeholders, ensuring these activities remain compliant with all applicable privacy laws. 

While our data clean-room solution is important, Snowflake’s award also recognizes Capgemini’s ability to establish the right environment around the solution to help our joint clients achieve successful outcomes. We are leveraging both our technical expertise and our sector expertise to deepen the value of the clean room. 

The issues are significant, which is why we are sharing our thought leadership with stakeholders through venues such the Snowflake Media Data Cloud Summit held earlier this year. All sessions from that event are available to view on-demand and I encourage anyone in the media, advertising, and entertainment industry to watch them. 

My colleagues and I plan to conduct more roundtable discussions and, when we do, I hope you will attend. If you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to discuss them with you.