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Elastic workforce – the right talent at the right time at the right place

Chris Romac

The traditional U.S. staffing industry is being adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Staffing Institute Analysts (SIA) predicts an overall decrease in revenue of 21 percent according to its base scenario, with industrial staffing seeing the most significant decrease.

But there are reasons to look towards a brighter future. Industries where resources can work from home are not seeing a considerable drop. At the same time, staffing companies which focus on healthcare talent are seeing a rise in demand; in fact, the only staffing industry projected to increase in revenue in 2020 is the healthcare sector, with predicted revenue growth of five percent.

The current crisis creates a higher demand for workforce elasticity within the healthcare industry. Finding the right talent, at the right location, at the right time is more critical than ever. The ability to align and execute on this new workforce elasticity is the key to meeting demand and creating a sustainable workforce.

Staffing companies and their agencies must have the capability to meet this demand and to incentivize their resources to align with demand by skill, shift, and facility. The ability to integrate flexible resource compensation models with your payroll and customer billing is key to meeting resource demand to deliver the right healthcare staffing. Capgemini’s Staffing Direct for Healthcare aligns your order capture process and integration with flexible payroll compensation and customer billing seamlessly.

It is a measured and structured approach, leveraging the right technology platform to deliver the greatest and most long-term rewards to manage staffing needs with processes that can scale and drive growth. Healthcare staffing demand is only going to increase. Be ready to support your customers.

Chris Romac is the Lead Solutions Architect in charge of the solutions and transformation practice across Oracle Service Line, North America. He is focused on helping clients with a successful transformation journey, leveraging Capgemini’s key assets and collaboration to deliver new opportunities.