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Capability Spotlight: Cloud Platform for Government


Capgemini Government Solutions’ (CGS) cloud capabilities experienced explosive growth in the last few years. CGS’s cloud practice is a one-stop shop for federal agencies looking to leverage the efficiency and agility of the cloud. From assessment and strategy to migration and implementation, CGS provides support for every aspect of the cloud journey. As a certified managed-services partner and reseller for some of the leading public cloud service providers such as AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, and the Google Cloud Platform, CGS is uniquely positioned to help federal agencies access the best solutions and achieve the most out of their cloud technology.

CGS works hand-in-hand with our Capgemini public and private sector counterparts globally. This strong relationship means that CGS utilizes the same best practices and lessons learned for government cloud projects that Capgemini applies to engagements with Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, CGS employees have access to the same industry-leading trainings and certifications in cloud technology that our commercial Capgemini counterparts utilize.

At the same time, we understand what makes the public sector unique. The Capgemini Cloud Platform is a suite of proven tools and accelerators to provide a streamlined and comprehensive cloud experience. We have adapted the platform specifically to meet the requirements of federal agencies. In doing so, we leverage the same advanced capabilities that our commercial clients benefit from, while ensuring our approach is tailor-made for compatibility with the government.

When exploring the best cloud strategy for each client, we use Economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM) to establish a clear snapshot of current IT assets, including their performance and costs. eAPM takes advantage of artificial intelligence, cloud-based technologies, and data from hundreds of previous engagements to assess the environment and determine the best cloud strategy for that particular client. By comparing an organization’s IT performance with peers, we can identify current strengths and weaknesses and develop a migration roadmap to meet that organization’s specific needs.

CGS’s cloud services are now easier to procure than ever. CGS recently added the Cloud Special Item Number (SIN) to our GSA schedule. It offers a streamlined way for agencies to access cloud services and cloud-related professional services.

At CGS, we are committed to working with federal agencies to meet their Cloud Smart targets. Through an end-to-end approach, we develop and execute strategies that maximize the benefits of the cloud, allowing the federal government to better achieve its many important missions.

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