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Becoming a Data Master


In today’s business landscape, data has taken on a reverential or even mystical quality. With it comes the power to shape the future: to identify and launch new intelligent products and services; to better engage customers with personalized marketing, communication and content; and anticipate disruptions and opportunities alike.

But tapping the full potential of data isn’t a matter of magic, but mastery. Our latest report from the Capgemini Research Institute, The data-powered enterprise: Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery, reveals a strong link between data maturity and financial performance. In a survey of 500 technology executives and 500 business executives, we found that those organizations that trust their data report 22% higher profitability and 70% higher revenue per employee.

This begs the question: How do organizations come to master their data?

Data Master: An organization that has the necessary infrastructure, governance, and operations to transform data and insights into actions into outcomes.

Power up your data: Building a scalable, secure, trusted and resilient data estate

For most organizations, becoming a Data Master requires modernization of the existing data estate as it relates to people, processes and technologies. For example, a key aspect of mastery relates to data democracy—or ensuring that non-technical people across the business are empowered to access and use the data that they need. Another common challenge is migrating the data estate from a legacy solution to the cloud, which for many organizations can be a complex and time-consuming process.
In working with countless clients across industries, we’ve become keenly aware that these two aspects of the data modernization process and other associated issues prevent many organizations from reaching a level of data mastery that will drive the business forward. What they need is a partner who understands the data modernization process, a strategy that serves their unique needs and a solution that solves their challenges—fast.

Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration [IDEA] by Capgemini—is a suite of capabilities, accelerators, frameworks and methodologies that help organizations modernize their data estate as it relates to people, processes and technology. IDEA by Capgemini leverages cloud technology, DevOps principles and a modular microservices architecture to reduce the burden of change on the workforce and help organizations simplify and streamline every aspect of their data modernization journey.

For example, one common application of IDEA by Capgemini is in appliance migration and industrialized ingestion. Many organizations will attest that shifting to a cloud-based model is a complex process made all the more challenging by a global skills shortage. However, using IDEA by Capgemini’s accelerators, it is possible to automate key aspects of the data discovery and ingestion phases, reducing the need for human intervention. This can dramatically shorten the migration process from one year to just few months.

Another common scenario is what we call Fast Industrialized MVP. In this approach we build confidence and energy within the organization for data industrialization. However, unlike launching a high-impact use case in isolation, IDEA by Capgemini’s robust microservices architecture and Data Platform-As-A-Code principles provides a secure, trusted and resilient environment for Data & AI workloads. This helps ensure the efficient, consistent, repeatable delivery of enterprise applications at scale.

Taking the next step towards a modern data estate with IDEA

The real value of data modernization is in its outcomes, be it the ability to unlock new revenue streams through smart products and services, monetize data in new and unique ways, or build better, stronger relationships with customers. That’s the promise of being a Data Master—and we can help your organization become one.

Are you ready to become a Data Master? We’d be happy to learn more about your challenges and how we can solve them with IDEA by Capgemini. Reach out to our experts or download the brochure.