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An AI-Based Approach to Entity Matching


What is Entity Matching?

The need to detect record linkages and merge data sets by identifying common entities. Successful Entity Matching leads to more accurate reports and reduces the time & money spent on data clean-up.

Potential Problems with Traditional Solutions:

Traditional approaches to entity matching generally require an extensive amount of manual intervention to resolve any data matching conflicts and often result in duplicative and ambiguous records.

Benefits of Capgemini’s AI-based Solution:

Using an ensemble of machine learning models, Capgemini’s solution more accurately merges complete records in a much shorter time frame than traditional approaches.

Furthermore, our solution is a continuously self-learning platform, which identifies patterns across large numbers of data fields to increase accuracy and decrease the number of ambiguous records as it is fed more data.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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Youmna Sirgi


Youmna Sirgi
Senior Consultant | Fed Health & TechnologyGovernment Solutions Homepage