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A Spotlight on the CGS Managed Services Capability


How does Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) offer Managed Services that support agencies, both federal and commercial, to achieve their missions?

Applications Management
Awarded the Global Practice Development Partner of the Year 2021 by MuleSoft, provider of the world’s #1 integration and Application Programming Interface (API) platform, Capgemini was recognized for its commitment to helping customers unlock and unify data with an API-led approach to deliver connected customer experiences, faster, in a digital-first world. With over 1,000+ certified practitioners within Capgemini worldwide, Capgemini Government Solutions Managed Services, in collaboration with Capgemini North America, has been able to leverage these skills and expertise in API-led delivery methodology and apply them to the federal market.

For one of our clients, we are establishing an enterprise-wide integration strategy built on API-led industry best practices. CGS Managed Services has worked with this agency to implement an asset data aggregation and analytics system to track the condition assessments and health score of various transmission assets for maintenance optimization, investment planning and asset failure prevention using the MuleSoft Anypoint platform. With a public acknowledgment from that agency’s leadership for their outstanding work in 2021, the Capgemini team has begun the second major phase of this engagement focused on delivering integrations required for the agency’s Asset Performance Center project to Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ (HAPG) cloud-based Asset Performance Management (APM) software.

Cloud Infrastructure
Another agency CGS Managed Services supports has been focused on standing up a U.S. Government Cloud (GovCloud) environment to meet mission needs. This agency established a Microsoft Azure GovCloud minimum viable product (MVP) environment in 2019. Since that time, the environment has matured, and a GovCloud Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) MVP was established. The current Microsoft Azure GovCloud environment was built in the agency’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) High Tenant using Azure DevOps and Kubernetes. This configuration provides secure agile software development and continuous integration and delivery pipelines. The Azure Dev/Ops tools can also track support and feature tickets, documentation, and testing plans/results. The Department of Defense (DoD) collaboration environment is also scalable to add as many teams as necessary over time with centralized cost, security, user, and data management features built in.

CGS Managed Services in collaboration with CGS Infrastructure as a Service/Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) capability have teamed to mature the overall program for U.S. Government Cloud, setting the direction and vision for the environment to support DoD programs that require the secure workspace, storage, and collaboration benefits.

In conjunction with the DoD, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Accreditation Board developed a standard to unify the implementation of cybersecurity across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The CMMC framework includes a comprehensive and scalable certification element designed to verify the implementation of processes and practices associated with the achievement of a cybersecurity maturity level. CMMC is designed to provide increased assurance to the DoD that a DIB company can adequately protect sensitive unclassified information, accounting for information flow down to subcontractors in a multi-tier supply chain. All DIB organizations and their subcontractors must be CMMC certified by 2025.

CGS Managed Services’ Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) team, in collaboration with Capgemini North America’s CIS, successfully completed preparations of the CMMC assessment for a global Aerospace and Defense (A&D) client. Our team gathered the appropriate artifacts to support the CMMC controls and provided the client with recommendations and remediation documentation. Based on the findings of this assessment, the team engaged with client and key stakeholders to identify and prioritize responses in preparation for both the DoD audits and CMMC readiness and maturity review.

How does CGS offer unique Managed Services solutions to provide a cost-effective way for agencies to stay up to date on technology?
With ever-increasing cost and complexity of IT services within the federal government, Managed Services provides a cost-effective way for agencies to stay up to date on technology, providing more capability and access to new technology for the agency’s end-users. We establish long-term relationships through continuous transformation and management of clients’ application and technology footprints, injecting new ways of thinking and emerging technologies into their landscapes.

Powered by knowledge and defined by our people, Capgemini has over 300,000 resources supporting 500+ clients worldwide. CGS Managed Services leverages our access to Centers of Excellence (CoE) across multiple technology platforms. With this expansive repository of subject matter experts, white papers, and partnerships, we can work with our clients to provide exceptional technical knowledge with deep industry expertise and emerging technologies to create solutions tailored to client business challenges, building a vision for the future and co-creating a roadmap for success.

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