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Source Global Research Ranks Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute in the Top 3 for the Quality of its Research

Capgemini’s research received its highest score ever due to factors including clear concepts, engaging content, credible expert authors, fresh data and a clear call to action for readers.

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Capgemini reinforces its global leadership in digital with the acquisition of customer engagement firm LiquidHub

Beyond the Buzz

beyond the buzz

Conversational Commerce – It’s more than talking to Alexa

Lanny Cohen
How we find and purchase what we need for home or business runs the gamut from in-store shopping, to phone orders, to online or mobile buying. Conversational Commerce is a new, powerful way to interact with the commercial world.

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Amol Khadikar

Digital Transformation

Lanny Cohen

Digital Transformation and Innovation

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Does your DCX strategy have emotion?

John Mullen
Consumers live in a 24/7 globally connected digital world, and because of it, companies that were quick to embrace digital disruption are the ones that now are building more meaningful brand-based relationships with their customers.

Latest Publications

Five sales-enablement content challenges and how to solve them

Fred Landis
Digital innovation has enabled organizations to produce different types of content spread across multiple delivery channels. If Sales is not using the content, what are they using and how are they succeeding?

Utilities don’t have a big data problem—they have a big problem with data

Ajay Verma
Intelligent grids are collecting vast amounts of information but utilities need to determine how to tap into this business intelligence

Together let’s #PressForProgress

Sheetal Sawhney
Gender balance has always been at the heart of our efforts at Capgemini and for years we have been encouraging every member of our Group to take steps, big or small, to achieve this goal.

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