Driving frictionless customer experience in healthcare

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Patients and members are looking for a personalized, frictionless, virtual treatment and healthcare experience that is convenient, intelligent, and available on their terms.

We live in a world where pizza delivery gets to your home faster than the police – no offense intended members of law enforcement. Rather, kudos to all those technologists that have enabled the consumer to consume their company’s product via a myriad of channels.

Just the other day, I was rushing to get a birthday gift for a high school graduate. A few clicks later, recommendations to purchase a gift card for Fatback’s Smokin’ Racks – a restaurant near the university he’ll soon attend in the US – were top of my search results. Within seconds I was in an online chat with the restaurant manager about getting the gift card out to me ASAP because his birthday was in three days. This wasn’t some mega-chain restaurant, but rather a single location, local business that embraced digital transformation to stay in business throughout the fallout from global pandemic.

Much like at Fatbacks over the past year, lockdowns and social distancing have created the need for improving the efficiency of digital channels with personalized service in healthcare – albeit on a much larger scale. Member and patient priorities are not only driving more relevant experiences, but also ones that are easy to navigate and are available 24/7 via any channel.

  • 76% of patients and members expect providers to understand their needs and expectations 
  • 84% say being treated like person not a number is important to securing their business
  • 80% report that their loyalty is influenced by immediate responses to requests

In short, patients and members are looking for a personalized, frictionless, virtual treatment and healthcare experience. It has to be convenient, it has to be intelligent, and it has to be available to them on their terms.

But how does a company evolve to deliver this experience? Capgemini and Efma’s 2021 World Insurance Report calls it the CARE Equation approach (where CARE is an acronym for Convenience, Advice and REach).

So, if your healthcare company doesn’t have a personalized, omnichannel contact center presence – get moving quickly. If Fatback’s Smokin’ Racks in Quincy, Illinois, is personalizing its offers to impact purchasing decisions, so do you!

If you’d like to learn how Capgemini’s Digital Customer Operations for Healthcare  solution leverages the CARE approach to drive frictionless patient and member experiences across the healthcare ecosystem, contact: scott.manghillis@capgemini.com


Scott Manghillis helps clients transform their technology into digital, omnichannel, personalized solutions.

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